We are super excited for this years Servant Leadership Missions trips and want you to be prepared for a great time to see God work in the hearts and lives of all that attend. The SL team is working hard to make this Missions experience the best it can be for you and your students. Below is the basic information that you need for your trip but as always if you have questions that are not answered here please contact me directly and we will get you what you need.

You should also be connected to periodic calls for your trip to discuss specific trip details-if you are not getting invited to those calls please let me know.

Keith Cote
Vice President

Los Cabos, Mexico

$840 / per person

Date: March 23rd - 30th, 2017
Date: June 13th - 20th, 2017
Housing: Hotel

Servant Leadership Cabo is a highly impactful and successful location due to the incredible partnerships LEAD222 has developed there. The serving sties are organized by local pastors who are entrenched in the everyday needs of the people of Cabo. Students will have the opportunity to serve in the poorest neighborhoods of the city from construction projects to hosting VBS for community children. The projects are uniquely designed to come alongside the long-term impact goals rather than serve as stand-alone services. Students on this trip will experience Mexican culture in an immersive way. There will be opportunities for students to enjoy downtown Cabo, including the option of a boat ride to the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Additionally, a long standing partnership allows the SL group to stay in comfortable and safe hotel accommodations while keeping cost affordable. This is a definitely a trip worth considering for your students for a great introduction to an international experience!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

$840 / per person

Date: June 24th - July 1st, 2017

Housing: Hotel

The Servant Leadership Puerto Vallarta trip is a unique one. We have the privilege of working with a Mexican pastor who has been working with the poor for 25 years, who has shown a genuine commitment to integrity, and has worked with numerous American groups. Groups will stay in a Hotel that is safe and comfortable.

Chicago, IL

$445 / per person

Date: July 9th - 15th, 2017

Housing: Community Fellowship Church (bring air mattresses & bedding)
Showers: Local School

Chicago has been our longest running SL location and has a track record of being a perfect place to take any size youth ministry. From the easy access of the location to the long standing high quality relationships with local ministries partners to top notch nightly programming – Chicago sets the standard in many ways for the rest of our sites. Teams that come to the Chicago area will be partnered with local ministries that serve a variety of needs such as, working with special needs kids, running a sports camp for refuge kids, cleaning and repairing home projects, working on a horse farm that ministers to children with special needs, FCA sports camp, working in a food pantry, helping serve the homeless, packing emergency meals for refuges around the world and many more. On your free day you can venture into the heart of the city to catch a Cubs game or simply take in the sites of one of the greatest cities in our country. 

Toronto, Canada

$555 / per person

Date: July 9th - 15th, 2017

Housing: Tyndale University - Dorm Style
Showers: Each floor of the dorm

Toronto serves as an ideal and unique location for Servant Leadership. Lead222 has a long standing presence and friendship throughout Canada and as a result we have many rich relationships and have been given great opportunities in and throughout the city. Toronto is one of the most diverse and international cities in the world -- people and cultures from all over the world have come to live in the Toronto-land area over the past several decades. This enhances the experience for our teams as they serve in a North American context, but will be exposed to a variety of cultures (not to mention the Canadian culture itself). Teams who come to Toronto will have the opportunity to engage in long standing partnerships and to come alongside some of Toronto's best Christian organizations and serve the needs of the local church and community. Additionally a fun trip to Niagara Falls or into the heart of downtown Toronto makes this a great SL location to consider for your group.

Twin Cities, MN

$445 / per person

Date: July 16th - 22nd, 2017

Housing: New Life Church of Woodbury (bring air mattresses & bedding)
Showers: some on site / some off site

Servant Leadership Twin Cities, a new location this season, is being hosted by LEAD222 Youth Pastors from the Minnesota Region. We will be partnering with different ministries all over the cities who are reaching the poor, hurting, lonely and spiritually lost. Your students will be confronted with the reality of poverty in the US, cross-cultural tensions and opportunities to present the Gospel to those who are far from Jesus. Add to these experiences the training, leadership development and mentoring elements woven into each day this trip is sure to bear fruit for God's Kingdom both here in the Twin Cities as well as back home as youth pastors and students alike return to their churches with the same heart of living a life of mission and mentorship. Our plan for the ministry this trip also includes continuing to serve into the evening with some of our partners. After the work is done for the trip teams can enjoy some of the many entertaining spots around the area like the Mall of America, Valley Fair, the Minnesota Twins and/or any of our beautiful lakes and beaches. We hope you'll join us as we see God's Kingdom advance through us in the Twin Cities and in our hearts as we grow as men, women, leaders and followers of Jesus.


In 2017 LEAD222 will dive into the value of Loving Recklessly.We will explore how Jesus led others and established love as the central way to do life. Students will be challenged to view their potential leadership being best expressed by the way we love and serve others.
What if loved God and others with a reckless abandon and a selfless heart?


Servant leaders serve because they are motivated by love and humility. Jesus is the perfect example of servant leadership. Jesus humbled himself and became a servant of all. Jesus modeled a lifestyle of leadership that was clothed in love and servant-hood.


We are destined for a life of emptiness, darkness, and destruction without God’s love. His love changed everything. We must receive the gift of his love – we can’t earn it and we’ll never deserve it, it is only received. Our theme of Loving Recklessly must begin by acknowledging and receiving the love of the Father for each of us.


Reckless is defined by being out of control. What if our love for God and others was reckless? What if we took the greatest commandment outlined by Jesus, to love God and to love others and made that the greatest focus of our life. This could radically lead our communities to become different places.


The heart of Lead222 is mentoring. Living the constellation of mentoring is one of the best ways to put one’s life into an intentional context of loving one another and growing as leaders.


By our love the world will know that we are followers of Jesus. Love is a language the entire world speaks. We can change the world...by our love.


Students will have hands on missional experiences to learn the heart of Servant Leadership. Students will receive a SL Journal with daily devotionals and leadership experiences. Students will be challenged to practice a daily leadership experience. Each ministry will engage in meaningful Team Times. Each day Students will engage in daily times of worship and devotion. Students will experience a mid-trip leadership training experience.