LEAD​222​ is a coaching community of student ministry leaders committed to leading healthy lives, families, and ministries.

We call this the LEADLIFE.

LEAD222 exists as a non-profit coaching and mentoring ministry focused on healthy leaders Leading healthy ministries. As leaders, we have an innate desire to challenge the status quo, advance and grow. Too often, burnout, isolation, marriage or family breakdown, feeling undervalued, or lack of vision and passion challenge our ability to thrive in life. Beyond that, we often find ourselves unsure of who to turn to in order to be developed into more effective student ministry leaders. The LEAD222COMMUNITY is about helping student ministry leaders grow through connecting with a coach and becoming a coach. Coaching and mentoring leads to healthy leaders, leading healthy ministries that will change the world through the next generation.


To build and equip a community of student ministry leaders to live a coaching and mentoring lifestyle.


For student ministry leaders to lead healthy lives and ministries that reach the next generation for Christ.


When any student ministry leader:
- commits to the LEADLIFE.
- has a coach and becomes a coach.
- starts or joins a LEADGATHERING.

Our desire is for every student ministry leader in the LEAD222COMMUNITY to have a coach and become a coach (2 Timothy 2:2) for the purpose of sharpening one another in personal character, professional skills, and living the LEADLIFE. We believe this lifestyle will lead to healthy leaders leading healthy ministries that reach the next generation for Christ.