Coaches Clinics are annual events we host for our coaches to further their training as Coaches in LEAD222 and in their own ministries. All of our coaches must participate in one Coaches Clinic each year.  While we prefer coaches to gather in person for a Coaches Clinic training event, we understand that many coaches are not able to attend, so we have designed a training strategy to enable every coach to participate. Here are your available options.

There are two parts to this Coaches Training plan.

Step 1: Plan to Watch Online Video Training

All coaches will need to watch our online training videos before participating in a Coaches Clinic event. You will be emailed with instructions on how to access our online coaches training office that will allow you to watch training videos (we expect to have these videos online by the end of June). There will be 8-10 videos for you to watch based on your own time frame. You can watch them all at once or choose your own viewing times. They will range from 4-10 minutes each. You should have received a link from Brian for how to access these, but please contact him if you need more information.


(you can register now before you watch the videos)

While our preferred option is for you to join a Coaches Clinic training event in person, we realize that for many of you this will not be possible this summer, so we have arranged several ways for you to complete this year’s training. Please make plans to choose by choosing from the three options that best suits you.


(8 person discussion groups, 1.5 hour) - All hosted by LEAD222 veteran coaches.

We want you to at least have time to process our training in a group conversation via an online video call. These events will close when they reach 8 participants, so register as soon as possible if you are choosing this option.

Current Current Hangout video call options:

  • Dec 14, Thursday 11:00am CST
  • Dec 19, Tuesday, 11:00am CST
  • Jan 09, Monday, 11:00am CST

Your participation in any of these training events together is of such great value to us as we have time to shape our ministry together for the upcoming season.

Thank you for your commitment to investing in other youth leaders around the country, to improve your own coaching skills and also to being mentored yourself allows, which allows us to provide coaching with integrity and purpose.