General F.A.Q.

What is Servant Leadership Experience?
Servant Leadership Experience is a ministry of LEAD222. Devoted to the mentoring, training, and development of Christian leaders and students, LEAD222 values the concept of servant leadership. Each Servant Leadership Experience is geared toward youth ministries who want to help serve the physically, financially and emotionally challenged of the world. While we do that we also structure our trips to develop the leadership of those students so they can return home and live the same servant leadership lifestyle after the trip. We leverage evening sessions, morning devotions and daily team debriefing time to create the environment where leaders are developed outside of the Kingdom work we do in the community.

For more information about LEAD222 visit or email us at
When and where will it take place?
How do we get to our host site and the work sites?
How many adult leaders do we need to provide?
How old must a student be to participate?
Are the work sites and host sites safe?
What about medical emergencies?
What is your policy on drugs, alcohol and smoking?
Are restricted diet foods available?
Do I need to bring money?
Where do we stay?
Can I extend my stay?
What is the cancellation policy?
Is there any flexibility on the payment schedule?

Work Site F.A.Q.

What will we be doing as work projects?
Our philosophy for work projects is to partner with existing ministry and service programs that are already in operation and that will continue on after we leave. The needs of these ministries will dictate which opportunities are available. These could include painting, stocking food pantries, serving the homeless, working in children’s programs, construction projects, sorting clothes, cleaning up, serving the elderly and various other jobs. If your group has a preference of projects, we will do our best to match up ministry serving teams’ interests with the ministry opportunities available.

Be prepared:

  • Remember that you are a guest on these ministry work sites
  • Keep a servant attitude – come ready to serve!
  • Things may change, so be prepared to be flexible and patient
  • Remember to bring refillable water bottles, sunscreen and hats for summer’s hot weather
What do I need to bring?
When will I know my work project assignment?
How long are the work projects?
How far are the work sites from the host site?
Will my team be working together?
Is lunch provided at the work sites?

Packing List F.A.Q.

What do leaders need to bring?

Leaders need to bring one large 48-quart food cooler for every ten people and two reusable freezer packs for each cooler. You will use these coolers to keep your lunches cool and fresh as you transport them to the worksite every day.

What is appropriate dress?
What should I bring for the work sites?
What items can I bring for free time?
What study materials should I bring?
What toiletries should I bring?

Leaders Important Due Dates:

The following is a list of important due dates associated with your Servant Leadership Experience. Adherence to this schedule will help our team to better serve you. Please let us know if there will be a problem with meeting any of these deadlines.  All forms can be scanned and emailed to
When is the initial SLE trip deposit due?

Initial SL Trip Deposit is DUE September 30.

$225 per person.  Any pre-registration monies received will be applied to this deposit.

You can send your initial deposit to:

2413 W. Algonquin Road #143
Algonquin, IL 60102-9402

When is the Housing List due?
When are the Rules and Policies form due?
When is the final SLE trip payment due?
When is the Hold Harmless form due?
When is the Proof of Insurance due?

If you have questions regarding any of these due dates, or questions about any of the forms in general, please contact us on the contact page.