National LEAD222 Coaches Conference

The National LEAD222 Coaches Conference (NLCC) is relevant, practical training for youth pastors and youth workers provided by LEAD222. This will not be a "sit, watch and listen only" event. You will be engaged to participate and to discuss and to build relationships with leaders from around the country. We believe you will be refreshed and empowered for the ministry season ahead!

The NLCC will provide 15-minute focused training sessions on topics that will help youth leaders be more effective building strong healthy youth ministries. After each session, there will be a 30 minute small group huddle experience with other youth pastors from around the country to talk about practical next steps, applications and ask any questions they have about the topics.

Training Topics:

  • Understanding Today’s Culture and the Needs
  • How to Give and Receive Care
  • Mentoring and Coaching Skills to be an Effective Mentor
  • What it Takes to be a Healthy Leader
  • Teaching God’s Word to this Generation
  • Building a Strong Community of Youth Leaders to Reach this Generation

NLCC is provided to youth pastors as our gift to you as an investment into your life, leadership and ministry. You are welcome to invite other youth pastors to join you for this event. (A voluntary donation of $25 is welcome and appreciated).

  • Conference Hosts:
  • Dave Choutka
  • Micah Davis
  • Main session Speakers will include:
  • Steve Carter
  • Josh Griffin
  • Bo Boshers
  • Brian Schwammlein
  • Jenn Blessing
  • Kylee Higgins

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10:00am CST: Welcome

10:00am CST: Main Session 1

"Understanding Today's Culture And The Needs", presented by Josh Griffin

10:15am CST: Huddle Discussions


10:45am CST: Main Session 2

"Coaching Skills To Be An Effective Mentor And Mentee ", presented by Jenn Blessing and Kylee Higgins

11:00am CST: Huddle Discussions


11:30am CST: Main Session 3

"How To Give And Receive Care", presented by Brian Schwammlein

11:45am CST: Huddle Discussions


12:00pm CST: Lunch Break

12:45pm CST: Main Session 4

"What It Takes To Be A Healthy Leader", presented by Steve Carter

1:00pm CST: Huddle Discussions


1:30pm CST: Main Session 5

"Building A Strong Community Of Leaders To Reach This Generation", presented by Bo Boshers

2:30pm CST: NLCC Close



Josh Griffin - Understanding Today's Culture And The Needs
Chris Herning

Josh Griffin

Topic: Understanding Today's Culture And The Needs

Josh Griffin (@joshuagriffin)

is one of the leading voices in youth ministry with 25+ years of experience in the trenches and is currently the junior high pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. He served for 13 years at Saddleback Church as the High School Pastor under the leadership of Rick Warren. He's also the co-founder of and hosts an almost-400-episode youth ministry podcast with Doug Fields. He's created more than 50 youth ministry resources and authored several books. Josh and his wife Angela have 4 teenagers of their own.

National LEAD222 Coaches Conference