This program has offered me not only practical tools that have helped me grow into my new role of leading a Middle School ministry but it's also offered support and encouragement along the way. My coach has been my go-to person as she's walked with me through the different challenges and wins that come with getting started in ministry. This has truly made me feel better equipped for where God has led me!


- Jenny, ChapelStreet Church

Leadstart paired with Dave’s coaching has improved the way I do ministry. Each assignment I took seriously and has been worth its weight in gold. This program exposed the parts of my ministry where I was having frustration (for me it is shepherding leaders) and has been both accountability and structure. As a new youth pastor in a department of one this program has proved to be some of the most valuable time spent. To use a metaphor, the program is P90x, Dave is the coach, and the result is a strong healthy youth leader and program for my church!


- Nick Kane, Youth Pastor

I’ve loved being a part of the LeadStart coaching program. I’ve learned a ton and it’s added significant value to my life and ministry as a student pastor. Through LeadStart I feel more confident in my ability to lead my ministry and be a more effective student pastor.


- Jack Stanton


Every leader knows the importance of getting off to a good start. This is especially true in youth ministry. Lead222 President Bo Boshers and Dave Choutka Director of LEADSTAFFING and Coaching have written a playbook “LEADSTART 100 DAY” to help youth workers focus on the right priorities in their first 100 days to build a strong and healthy leader. This Playbook along with their personal coaching will help any youth worker whether you are a veteran, or this is your first year in ministry. Every lesson is written from years of experience to know what the right priorities are and how to implement them. This affordable and practical coaching is a training every church should provide for their youth worker.

There is a time when every youth worker needs to re-evaluate and strategically plan where they can improve their ministry. Regardless of years of experience or size of ministry, this is a great resource to help reach more students for Christ and build a strong ministry team.

LEADSTART 100 DAY training and coaching is what every youth worker needs to start their new ministry position to ensure an effective strong foundation to have a healthy youth ministry.

In LEADSTART 100 DAY you will receive:

  • 8 sessions over Zoom meeting every 2 weeks
  • A LEAD222 Certified Trainer with years of youth ministry experience
  • We cover topics like: Spiritual Rhythms, Time Management, Building Healthy Teams, Leading Up, Growing The Ministry, and more.


LEADSTART 100 DAY coaching is $800 and is an incredible investment into your youth worker so he/she can lead a healthy life, family, and ministry! LEADSTART 100 DAY coaching is included in all LEADSTAFFING job placements.

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Dave Choutka


Dave has served in the local church for the last 20 years. He led youth ministries in both small and large churches for 12 years before jumping into the campus pastor role for the last 8 years. He has also served in various leadership roles within churches, organizations, and non-profits in Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado. Dave owned and operated a youth ministry curriculum company for 10 years and has been a part of the Lead222 community as a coach for the past 12 years. He is passionate about healthy churches and healthy courageous leaders. He also wants to help leaders grow spiritually healthy so they can lead well in their homes, community, and in their ministry. Dave and his wife Dawn have been married for 20 years and have three awesome kids.

Dianne DeKoning


Dianne has served in ministry for over 22 years in various sized churches and 18+ years leading and pastoring in student ministry. Her passion is helping people be the best version of who God created them to be, especially those in student ministry. Through mentoring, coaching, speaking and pastoral care, Dianne finds the greatest joy watching students, volunteers, parents and the staff people who lead them live into their God-given gifts. Watching faith take off in the heart and mind of a student will always be a highlight. Currently, Dianne serves in a non-profit organization her church started and volunteers with local teenagers on Tuesday nights. Dianne has been a part of LEAD222 for 3 years as a coach. She is married to Andrew, and together they are raising three young, vivacious children. Besides loving Jesus, she also loves coffee, pizza, flowers and making room at the table for one more.

Matt Swigart


Matt Swigart has served in youth, young adult and family ministry since 2001 years. For 12 of those years he was one of the pastors of New Life Church of Woodbury, MN where he focused on student ministry, was the lead shepherd for their Saturday night service, served as an elder, led short-term mission trips in Honduras, Panama, Ukraine, New York City, Houston and Tampa. His love for the local church as the bride of Christ continues to play out through his ministry now with LEAD222. Matt's personal legacy statement is To be a Warrior for Christ who passionately leads my family, who genuinely and unconditionally loves people and who develops leaders to go far beyond anything I ever could. Since August of 2014 Matt has been serving with LEAD222. His prayer is to be positioned for maximum influence for God's Kingdom and to bear fruit through intentional life-on-life mentoring and coaching of youth pastors. This is all designed to help youth pastors, youth ministries and churches as a whole be all that they are called by God to be. Through Coaching youth pastors, leading local monthly Gatherings (training/networking combo events), leading the annual training for all of LEAD222’s Coaches and leading mission trips all over North America Matt he seeing those prayers answered!

Nathan Branam


Nathan has a passion for the local church and has served in many capacities over the last 18 years in vocational ministry. He has led youth ministries in small, medium-sized, large, and large multi-site churches before becoming an executive leader in a large multi-site church. Nathan loves coaching and developing leaders, creating healthy environments for people to grow and thrive, and helping the church reach and disciple the next generation. These passions make it a natural fit for Nathan to join Lead222 in their mission to develop healthy lives, families, and ministries. Beyond his professional passions, Nathan is most passionate about Jesus and his family. He has had the opportunity to follow Jesus through the peaks and valleys of life for nearly 30 years and has an unwavering faith in Him no matter the season. Nathan and his wife, Erica, have been married for 19 years and have four kids: Isaiah, Grace, Eva, and Lula. In his downtime, he can be found hanging out with his family, working out, biking, listening to a podcast or audiobook, or watching football.

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